Call for Papers: 11th Securitisation Summit 2023

[Announcement on behalf of the Indian Securitisation Foundation]

Indian Securitisation Foundation invites researchers, law students and legal scholars to write original and unpublished research paper (5 pages to 15 pages) on any of the following topics, of relevance to securitisation/direct assignment and similar structured finance topics in Indian context, with a global flavour.

  • Bankruptcy remoteness in Indian securitisation/DA transactions: Whether the rules in India, particularly under IBC, clearly exclude third party assets and cashflows, and therefore, we do not have concerns on true sale in India? Whether it is still open for a creditor, claimant or IP to contend that the transaction of assignment is not a true sale at all, and therefore, the asset or cashflows do not become third party asset/cashflows? The question of true sale examined in light of global principles, and Indian law/regulations.
  • Whether the scope of TLE Directions includes non-consensual transfers that happen in situations such as enforcement of security interests? Whether the scope of the TLE Directions should really be limited to transfers that are done with the intent of trading in loans or having a secondary market in loans? Generally, about the scope and ambit
  • Covered bonds and potential for structuring transactions of dual recourse in India. European secured notes’ structure and potential for using similar structures in India
  • Legality of credit risk transfer arrangements in India in light of the prohibition on synthetic securitisation under SSA Directions

Articles need to be original.

Soft copies of the articles may be sent to [email protected] by 5 May 2023.

There will be cash awards for the best, and the second-best article, and the article writer will be invited to attend the Securitisation Summit ( with a free invite, that is, without participation fee. Additionally, selected papers will be published with credits to the writer and distributed at the Summit in electronic/physical form. The papers will also be subsequently published on our website.

If you willing to write a paper, please do fill the following form by the 30 April 2023:

Jointly written papers are also welcome

While submitting your paper, you will be providing a confirmation that the paper is your original writing and has not been published elsewhere. You are granting rights to us to publish and distribute as provided above

For any queries, write to [email protected].

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