Call for Submissions for the Special Issue of NLS Business Law Review

[Announcement on behalf of the NLS Business Law Review]

The Board of Editors of the National Law School Business Law Review is pleased to invite original and unpublished manuscripts for the Special Issue of the NLS Business Law Review.

About the Institution

The National Law School of India University is an institution of legal education focusing on legal and policy education in India at the undergraduate and graduate level.

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About the Journal

The NLS Business Law Review is an initiative by the National Law School of India University to recognise and foster academic research and scholarship in corporate and commercial law.

The NLS BLR has featured scholarship by a wide range of leading academics, practitioners, and luminaries, such as Justice V. Ramasubramanian (Supreme Court of India), Phillip R. Wood (QC, Allen and Overy LLP), Prof. James J. Nedumpara (Jindal Global Law School) Rajat Sethi (Founding and Managing Partner, S&R Associates), Prof. Régis Bismuth (Sciences Po) and Prof. Anurag K. Agarwal (IIM Ahmedabad).
Mandate of the Special Issue

In light of the 2020 amendments to the Competition Act and the impact of Covid-19 pandemic on business and regulatory bodies, particularly the CCI, competition law has found itself at the helm of discussion. Moreover, the merger control regime is in its 10th year anniversary. This marks an appropriate time for the us to re-visit the developments in this law, and the impact it has had on various businesses. The Special Issue of the NLS Business Law Review focuses on the theme of ‘Competition Law’ and aims to foster and enhance discussion on recent developments and potential impacts of these changes. It seeks to examine the legal terrain of competition law, its current position and the road ahead.

Submission Categories

The Special Issue of NLS Business Law Review (NLS BLR – Special Issue) is accepting submissions under the following categories:

– Articles (6,000 – 10,000 words) are comprehensive publications that analyse important themes, and may adopt comparative perspectives.


– Essays (4,000 – 6,000 words) typically identify a specific issue, which may be of contemporary relevance, and present a central argument.


– Case Notes, Legislative Comments, Book/Article Reviews (1,500 – 3,000 words).

Guidelines for Submission

·       Please fill the form available here to submit the manuscript.

·       All submissions must be in MS Word format (.doc) or (.docx), with Times New Roman font (Main text: size 12 and double spaced, footnotes: size 10 and single-spaced).

·       All manuscripts must be accompanied by a covering letter with the name(s) of the author(s), institution/affiliation, the title of the manuscript, and contact information, the details of which should be duly filled in the form.

·       An abstract of not more than 250 words shall have to be provided.

·       No biographical information or references, including the name(s) of the author(s), affiliation(s) and acknowledgments should be included in the text of the manuscript, file name or document properties. All such information may be incorporated in the cover letter accompanying the manuscripts.

·       The NLSBLR uses only footnotes (and not endnotes) as a method of citation. Submissions must conform to the Oxford Standard for Citation of Legal Authorities. Please note that SCC citations for cases must be preferred wherever available.

·       Submissions are accepted for publication on the condition that they do not infringe the copyright or any other rights of any third parties. All submissions would be checked for plagiarism.

·       Submissions made to NLSBLR shall be on an exclusive basis and must not be concurrently under consideration by any other publication.

·       Submissions must fall within the mandate of the Special Issue of the journal as mentioned above.


In the event of any queries, please contact Aditi Sheth, Editor-in-Chief or Anshita Agrawal, Deputy Editor-in-Chief at [email protected].


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