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[Announcement from RMNLU’s Society for Excellence in Arbitration Law]

RMLNLU’s Society for Excellence in Arbitration Law invites guest contributions to its blog. Offers for contributions are welcome from academics (including researchers and Ph.D. students), practitioners (lawyers, NGO employees, and civil servants) and students.

Blog posts could cover any area of Arbitration Law, but must (a) explain the legal background clearly and succinctly, and (b) offer insight into or analysis of the issues being covered. Contributions are welcome in any area but would be especially welcome in areas so far covered in less detail by the blog.

If you wish to publish your views on our blog, please send them at [email protected]

Submission Guidelines

Length of the Posts: We are flexible with the length of the posts that we publish. Generally, the blog posts should be in the range of 700-1500 words. Longer posts will be published in parts.

Content: Articles that have contemporary relevance are preferred. However, you may cross-examine an old issue or take up something that it is not sufficiently articulated in other fora.

Structure and Style: We encourage our contributors to write well-organised pieces with decent articulation. Contributions should be coherent and easy to understand. Please avoid excessive use of jargons. Rest, the editorial team will work with you to improve the quality of your contribution.

References: We expect our contributors to cite other writers, articles, or books if they are borrowing any content, as is the case in any academic writing. Being an online platform, we expect our contributors to use hyperlinks instead of footnotes. Though, sources that cannot be accessed online may be footnoted.

Excerpt: Blog posts should be accompanied by a short excerpt detailing the core issue(s) dealt in its content: preferably 80-100 words.

Anonymity & Bio of the  Author(s): The submission should not mention any information about the author(s) or their affiliation. Alternatively, we would like you to send us a short biography of yours (either in a separate document or in the body of the email). Your biography shall be published along with your post.

Timing: Submissions may be sent to us at any time, year-round.

Response Time: To discuss the topics, issues or themes you want to write on, contact us. Our response time varies from a couple of hours to a couple of days. Likewise, the decision of the editorial board regarding the publication of your submission is usually communicated in a week’s time.

Contributor’s Agreement

By submitting a post to the blog, the Contributor guarantees that the post is a product of their work and is unpublished. Contributors also permit the RMLNLU Arbitration Law Blog to use their post, with full attribution but without further consent, on a non-commercial basis in online and offline publications.

We look forward to receiving your contribution!

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