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Attracting Sovereign Wealth Funds

Although there had been a great amount of discussion a couple of years ago regarding soverign wealth funds (SWFs), both in terms of their investments in the Indian markets and to to whether India should create one for itself, that seemed to have died down. This was largely because SWFs were expressly recognized in 2008 as foreign institutional investors (FIIs) under the SEBI FII Regulations, and...

Rationalizing the Absence of an Indian SWF

Nearly two years ago, we had debated (here and here) the pros and cons of India’s establishment of a sovereign wealth fund (SWF), when that topic was the flavour of the day. Since then, the global financial crisis and receding stock markets at least partially eclipsed the increasing appeal of SWFs. Nevertheless they continue to capture the attention of regulators and commentators. In a paper...

SWFs as FIIs; Other Amendments to FII Regulations

SEBI has announced a fairly detailed set of amendments to the SEBI (Foreign Institutional Investors) Regulations, 1995. One of the key amendments relates to the recognition of sovereign wealth funds (SWFs) as a category of investors eligible to invest into the Indian markets as FIIs. This marks a significant move because it makes clear the Indian regulators’ policy approach towards SWFs in the...

SWFs and Capital Flows

The Indian Government’s latest position on sovereign wealth funds (SWFs) can be gathered from a recent speech delivered by the Governor of the Reserve Bank of India, Dr. Y.V. Reddy at a session on ‘The Role of Government-owned Investment Vehicles in Global Capital Flows’ in the International Capital Markets and Emerging Markets Roundtable held at Washington DC on April 14, 2008. His speech covers...

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