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SEBI Order on Public Shareholding Norms

The deadline for compliance by non-government entities of the public shareholding norms went by on June 3, 2013. Immediately thereafter, SEBI yesterday issued an order against 108 companies that have failed to comply with these norms. SEBI’s press release summarizing its order is available here. A couple of points are noteworthy. The first relates to the rapidity with which SEBI has acted. This...

Amendments to Equity Listing Agreement

Earlier this month, SEBI issued amendments to the Equity Listing Agreement. The amendments have been discussed in the SEBI Updates Blog. There are a number of procedural changes, including requirements regarding reporting of shareholding patterns of listed companies and announcements regarding significant corporate events. More importantly, clause 40A of the listing agreement has been amended to...

Norms on Minimum Public Float Set to Become Reality

In a post over a year ago, we had discussed that several companies were listed with differing minimum public shareholding in the past due to varying rules regarding minimum public float. These discrepancies continue to date. In order to obviate them, the Ministry of Finance had proposed imposing a uniform public float of 25%. This was also alluded to in the Budget this year. The Economic Times...

Draw the line clearly for public shareholding

Last week the Economic Times reported here that listed companies would soon have to increase their public shareholding levels – possibly by 3 – 5% annually until they become compliant with continuous listing requirements. Whether the minimum public float should be 25% or 20% is a matter of policy wisdom. The law always has to draw a line somewhere and treat people on either side of the line...

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