Supreme Court on Applicability of the Regime on Collective Investment Schemes

The Supreme Court of India earlier this month ruled on the applicability of the regulatory regime relating to collective investment schemes (“CIS”). In Securities and Exchange Board of India v. Gaurav Varshney, the legal question was rather straightforward. On 25 January 1995, section 12(1B) was inserted into the Securities and Exchange Board of India Act, 1992 (the “SEBI Act”). It provided that...

Mandatory imprisonment under Companies Bill 2012

The Companies Bill 2012 has an innocuously titled chapter titled “Miscellaneous” which provides stringent and perhaps unprecedented punishment. The Chapter provides for imprisonment and fine for several types of situations. A minimum imprisonment (six months/three years) is also provided. Clause 447, for example, says that any person found guilty of fraud shall be punishable with imprisonment of...

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