A new floor price concept!

A friend pointed me to a notification by the Karachi Stock Exchange which it has issued due to the falling stock prices in Pakistan – The Karachi Stock Exchange came out with a notification that going forward, stocks cannot trade below the closing prices as on 27 August 2008. So, the price as of August 27th is set as floor price for all stocks until further notification!

Indian stock markets

I just came across an interesting article in MoneyLife, where Debashis Basu traces the ups and downs of the Indian stock markets – He states that during the boom in 1994-95, there were 1400 IPOs in a year! That sounds absolutely unbelievable now – considering 2007 was the big hit year with just 90 IPOs! The gist of the article is reflected in this paragraph of the article: “Of...

Trading in Currency Futures permitted on Indian Stock Exchanges

The RBI and SEBI have jointly published guidelines for trading in currency futures on Indian stock exchanges yesterday. This would help further widen the derivative markets in India – While currently only trading in INR-USD futures is permitted, it may be further expanded at a later stage. A currency future is a standardised foreign exchange derivative contract traded on a recognized stock...

The National Investment Fund

Day before yesterday, SEBI has amended the DIP Guidelines to include the National Investment Fund in the definition of ‘Qualified Institutional Buyers’ (QIBs).The National Investment Fund was set up from the proceeds of disinvestment of public sector undertakings. It is intended to be used primarily for funding health and education projects. See this article in The Hindu for more details.By...

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