AuthorBhargavi Zaveri

FIU’s Penalty on PayPal: The Wisdom of Jurisprudence by Committee

Last week, the Supreme Court’s order constituting a committee to settle the ongoing farmer agitation was critiqued across the entire spectrum of left-to-right wing commentary. At about the same time, in a case involving PayPal, a popular online payment gateway service in India, the Delhi High Court passed an order directing the Finance Ministry to set up a committee to address the following...

Audio-Perspectives on Bankruptcy Law during the Pandemic

In times of acute financial distress, such as these, one might expect to see bankruptcy practitioners and scholars to be the busiest. Bankruptcy law is often used as a tool to mitigate and deal with the impact of financial distress. As financially distressed firms and creditors seek the refuge of the law for debt recovery and re-organisation, one is likely to see an uptick in bankruptcy cases and...

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