AuthorAkshaya Kamalnath

A Proposal to Add Mediation within India’s Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process

India’s Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 (IBC) was introduced with the aim of improving the efficiency of the resolution process. While there is much to be credited in the law, the practice of it has shown that the process is often delayed by excessive litigation. In our forthcoming  article, Aparajita Kaul and I study delays under the IBC by assessing the law through a feminist lens. We...

A Post-Pandemic Analysis of CSR in India

India’s provision relating to corporate social responsibility (CSR) in the Companies Act, 2013 has attempted to define and measure the concept, and is in this respect something of a milestone. However, by thus providing a definition and measurability to CSR, the concept has lost some of its innate flexibility. In my article forthcoming in the Journal of Comparative Law, I examine how effective...

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