NLSIR Corporate Law and Corporate Governance Symposium: April 10 and 11, 2010

The NLSIR Symposium, scheduled for 10 and 11 April at the NLS campus in Bangalore, will feature several important topics that we have discussed on the blog, including corporate governance, independent directors, tax planning, tax avoidance and adjudication of company disputes. The schedule for the symposium is indicated below. Readers interested in attending may contact us by email as soon as possible, since on-campus accommodation is subject to availability.



Indian Corporate Law and Corporate Governance: At the Crossroads

Presidential Address (April 10, 09:00): Hon’ble Mr. Justice A.K. Ganguly, Supreme Court of India

Session I

The Corporate Veil and Tax Planning

April 10 – 10.00-13.00


  1. Ms. Bijal Ajinkya, Nishith Desai Associates (Theme TBA)
  2. Mr. Padam Khincha, Khincha & Co. (The Corporation as a Tax Planning Measure)
  3. Mr. Udaya Holla, Senior Advocate, High Court of Karnataka* (Theme TBA)
  4. Mr. Sanjit Rajayer, NLSIU (The Existence and Relevance of the McDowell Rule: An Analysis of Substance-over-form and the use of the Corporate Vehicle in Tax Planning)

Moderator: Mr. Nishith Desai, Nishith Desai Associates

*Subject to confirmation

Vice-Chancellor’s Lunch in Honour of the Guest of Honour Hon’ble Justice Ganguly

Session II

The Role of the Independent Director and the Statutory Auditor in Modern Corporate Governance

April 10 – 14:00 – 17:00


  1. Mr. V. Umakanth, National University of Singapore (Aspects of Corporate Governance)
  2. Mr. Somashekhar Sundaresan, Jyoti Sagar Associates (Theme TBA)
  3. Professor Sandeep Parekh, IIM Ahmedabad (Role of Independent Directors – Lessons from Satyam)
  4. Ms. Priyoma Majumdar and Ms. Sadapurna Mukherjee, NALSAR (Excessive Executive Remuneration)

Moderator: Mr. Shishir Vayttaden, Luthra & Luthra

1800-1830: Departure for Banquet

Session III

Session 3: Company Adjudication and Tribunalisation of Justice

April 11 – 09:30 – 12:30


  1. Mr. Vivek Reddy, Advocate, Supreme Court of India (The Constitutionality of Tribunalisation)
  2. Ms. Kristin van Zwieten, University of Oxford (The adjudication debate – courts versus tribunals: lessons from corporate insolvency law)
  3. Mr. Aditya Sondhi, Advocate, High Court of Karnataka (Theme TBA)
  4. Nathan Rehn and Ami Galani, Jindal Global Law School (Related-Party Transactions: Empowering Boards and Minority Shareholders to Prevent Abuses)

Moderator: Mr. V. Umakanth

Session IV

Session 4 – The Road Ahead for Indian Corporate and Commercial Law

April 11 – 14:00-17:00


  1. Mr. T.P. Ostwal, Ostwal & Associates (Anti-Abuse Mechanisms in the Direct Tax Code: A Comparative Study)
  2. Mr. Siddharth Raja, Narasappa, Doraswamy and Raja (Holding-Subsidiary Matrix, Overseas Corporate Bodies, Entrenchment: Does the new Bill Improve on the 1956 Act?)
  3. Mr. Sandip Bhagat, S&R Associates (The New Companies Bill: Some Practical Considerations)
  4. Mr. Shishir Vayttaden, Luthra & Luthra (Aspects of Securities and Takeover law)

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