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Petrodel v Prest: Lord Sumption’s Masterly Analysis of the Corporate Veil

When the history of the corporate veil is written, the year 2013 will perhaps be given as much prominence as the year 1897. Today, the UK Supreme Court allowed Mrs Prest’s appeal against the judgment of the Court of Appeal that seven properties in London owned by the Petrodel group of companies are not properties to which the sole controller of the group is ‘entitled, in possession or reversion’...

One Person Company – a still-born, half-baked concept?

The Companies Bill 2012 proposes a new concept of One-person Company (OPC). The obvious objective is to overcome the hurdle of needing a second person to form a company, despite the saying that “two’s company”. This brief post is to highlight its nature, some issues and also questioning the real benefit of an OPC. OPC, as the term implies, is a company with one and only one shareholder. The need...

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