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Sensitization: The Key to Implementation of Insider Trading Regulations

[Ambika Mehrotra is a Manager at Vinod Kothari & Company and can be contacted at [email protected]] Background of the Regulations The strong and decisive steps taken by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) with respect to insider trading have attracted a great deal of attention over the last couple of months. The modifications to the existing SEBI (Prohibition of Insider...

Recent Developments Pertaining to Independent Directors

Professor Bala N. Balasubramanian has authored the latest edition of the NSE Quarterly Briefing titled “Caution: Independent Directors – Hairpin Turns Ahead!”. The abstract/introduction is as follows: The institution of Independent Directors (D), heralded as a virtual panacea for all governance ills, nearly three decades ago in the UK’s Cadbury prescriptions, is now almost universally under...

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