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The Supreme Court on Equitable Set off and the Limitation Act

An important question that has troubled the Indian courts over the years is whether an equitable set off can be raised even when, if it had been raised as a principal claim, it would have been barred by limitation. For example: suppose X enters into a contract with Y which it alleges Y has breached, and for which it institutes an action seeking damages of Rs. 1 crore. Now if Y has an ascertained...

Globalization and the Indian Legal Profession

The Harvard Law School Program on the Legal Profession has been conducting an extensive study called Globalization, Lawyers, and Emerging Economies (GLEE), which examines the changes occasioned to the legal profession in various countries such as China, India and Brazil due to the effects of globalization. As part of this effort, a team of researchers undertook studies on the Indian legal...

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