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  • Rahul,

    I dont understand your argument. Ranbaxy’s India sales accounted for
    a little less than 20% of total sales (statistics below). How then, does the Indian Patent Act affect its growth strategy etc? Its growth seems dependant on global sales of generics, which is independant of indian patent law. Do let me know how you figure this works?



    1. The India business continued to witness a strong growth momentum with sales for the year recording a growth of 22% at USD 301 Mn.

    2. Global Sales for the year recorded a growth of 20% at USD 1607 Mn

  • Dear Mathew:

    I appreciate the data.

    But for Indian Patents Act, 1970 it is unlikely that Ranbaxy would have come into existence!

    Sales data reflect the present status. It overlooks historical inception of Ranbaxy.

    Best regards,


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